Sunday, September 04, 2011

I did it!!! A Pencil Birthday Cake

wow, after many many web surfing I found a blog where they did this type of cake, the original idea you can see it here:
But here's my take on it
I use 80 #2 pencils, a cake base, big rubber bands,  2 pieces of  soft card stock  some tacky glue
and normally you use a piece of Styrofoam  but is  very expensive lol and well, u know in these times, save and recycle lol  anyway, my husband did a circumference prototype for the base, it was a cool thing to watch, sadly i didn't take any picture because I wasn't sure of the result lol anyway, here's the picture, hope you like it :)

is a fun project to make and I hope I can make another one  using the original supplies lol :)

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